Monday, March 21, 2011

String Cheese Incident

This is a fantastic band playing essentially 'jam' music with a bit of salsa and jazz and a lot of bluegrass thrown here and there. Sure to make you get up on your feet and sway with their music. Bill Nershi's guitar work at times reminds me of Garcia. Read about them at:
Present line-up of String Cheese Incident is:

Michael Kang - electric mandolin, acoustic mandolin, violin;
Bill Nershi - six string acoustic guitar;
Keith Moseley - five string electric bass, four string acoustic bass;
Michael Travis - drums, congas, djembe, talking drum, percussion;
Kyle Hollingsworth - piano, organ, Rhodes accordion;
Jason Hann - percussion.

Visit to download their free shows.

Bye for now. Will be back with more.

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