Monday, April 18, 2011

Anouar Brahem

This Tunisian is a virtuoso of the instrument Oud, playing it for more than 35 years now. His instrument and its music is very captivating and deeply meditative in nature. It really calms you down and takes you on a journey... a journey of self exploration in my case.

Apart from playing Arabian classical music, he has been playing a fusion of jazz and Arabian folk and classical music. He is regarded as an innovator of the instrument that he plays and has played with Dave Holland, John Surman, Jan Garbarek and Shaukat Hussein among others.

You can visit his website to know more about him.

Here are two of his albums that I like the best.


Get it at Sharebee or Flameupload or Rapidshare.


Get it at Sharebee or Flameupload or Zshare.

You can get the details of the albums from here.

Watch more Anouar Brahem videos at rolling river.

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