Sunday, May 27, 2012

Allan Taylor

Here is England's one of the most respected singer and song writer of the Folk genre. He is in the music business for over 4 decades, being initially helped by the members of the Fairport Convention to launch his career. To know more about him, read about him here and here.

Here are 2 of his albums that I like best.

Color To The Moon

Get it here.

Hotels And Dreamers

Get it from here or here.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rosanne Cash

The daughter of country singer and songwriter Johnny Cash has has made it to the music world on her own talent. She has been creating music in the Country genre for the last 25 years and have won the Grammy once in 1985. Following are some of the albums that I think are her best.

For more details about her life and career visit this link.

King's Record Shop

Get it here.


Get it here.

The Wheel

Get it here.

Rules Of Travel

Get it here.

Black Cadillac

This album was released shortly after her father's death and has some very deep and soul touching lyrics. Highly recommended. Get it here.

The List

Get it here.

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